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Budva to Bar


9. Jaz is one of the best known beaches in Montenegro, of sand and gravel. In the 800 meter stretch, 300 meters are reserved for nudists. On the western end are beach chairs, restaurants and cafes.
Mogren I and II: Legend says this beach was named after a Spanish sailor, Mogrinj, who was stranded here once with his ship.
Becici beach, almost two kilometers long, is one of the longest beaches on the Budvanska Riviera. To find a quiet spot during the high season is almost impossible.
Sveti Stefan: The western part is reserved for hotel guests, the eastern section is open to the public. A short walk in the direction of Budva brings you to the beaches of Milocer (King's Beach) and Przno. In between is the Queen's Beach.
13. Drobni Pijesak: This beach of gravel and sand is still sort of hidden.
Petrovac with its 600 meter long beach offers everything at once: sand, clear water, a fishing village, hotels, restaurants and shops. Everything is nearby.
Buljarica, the beach with the green hinterland, is still spared from giant hotel buildings. Only bungalows and camping grounds attract the tourists. But that doesn't mean that the 2200 meter long beach is quiet. Sometimes there is a problem with the landfill that is just a few kilometers above the beach.
Canj: The gravel on the sea bottom gave the beach the name "Pearl Beach". A rocky mountain nose divides the 1800 meter long stretch, which is calculated to fit 9000 people.
17. Sutormore: Three hundred years ago Venetian nobles enjoyed this beach. Today,  several thousand seek it out every day for a refreshing time. This isn't a beach though for those who are looking for a quiet time.
18. Bar: Utjeha is the town beach and is easy to access. Accordingly it gets crowded.