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Bar to Ulcinj


19. Valdanos is probably the best protected beach on the Adriatic. The bay is normally used by the army and is open to the public only during the high season.
20. Small Beach or Town Beach: Some people say that it is impossible to see the water during the high season because of all the tourists. In the other months this 360 meter long stretch of sand is one of the most beautiful in the area.
21. "Velika Plaza" means "big beach" and it is. With its 12.5 kilometers it is the longest one along the Adriatic, but also one of the most popular. Private resorts like the Tropicana (sign on the main road) offer a comfortable oasis in the crowds.
Ada Bojana: In the 1970's it was the island in middle of the Bojana river on the border of Albania, and a favorite place for nudists. That is, at least during the main season, still the case, but the place is not that crowded anymore.