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Whoever wants to explore the country should rent a car. And who wants to leave the main roads should get a four wheel drive. Here are three tips.

Cetinje - Lovcen - Kotor

From Cetinje a paved road leads up to the peak of Jezerski Vrh in Lovcen National Park. The view from the summit is extraordinary and worth climbing up the 461 staris through the tunnel to the top. (See National Park Lovcen). Take the old road that turns at the small plateau below the peak to the right in the direction of the sea - almost no other panorama beats this one. The exposed road should only be used with an off road vehicle. The last view kilometers are paved again. The trail meets the old Cetinje - Kotor road right on the cliff. 

Zabljak - Durmitor - Pluzine

From Zabljak a gravel way travels straight across the Durmitor National Park. The road turns right only a few kilometers of Zabljak in the direction of Savnik. The track follows a long valley, passes a spring, and goes up the Sedlo pass at 1908 meters. The road continues in wide turns across the park, opening up to spectacular views in the valleys and on the steep mountains. 

Whoever is not afraid of steep, exposed tracks can take the first possible left turn after the road is paved again. This is no route for inexperienced drivers! In return for the adrenalin rush, though, the road will offer incredible overlooks of Piva Lake, an artificial fresh water reservoir. After passing through a few tunnels this road ends, as does the less extreme one, in Plucine.

Bar - Virpazar - Rijeka Crnojevica - Cetinje

The old road from Bar to Virpazar offers a special adventure: the former train tunnel, which was once built under King Nicola. Whoever doesn't want to take the risk of having to drive some distance backwards in a black hole can still take the normal road and use the pass. The section between Virpazar and Rijeka Crnojevica travels high above Skadar Lake. Turning into Rijeka Crnojevica after the bridge to the right leads to one of the most beautiful overlooks of the lake at the Motel Gazivoda. From there it's only 15 minutes to the Podgorica - Cetinje road.