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Biogradska Gora

Trees seems to grow into the heavens, with logs so big that even two grown up men couldn’t together reach their arms around them. Every once in a while one of these giants lays on the ground, fallen due to its age, and over decades becomes part of the soil again. Ferns so tall, that men look like puppets, and in the center a lake, as mysterious as if it were from a fairy tale.

This picture is what Prince Nikola Petrovic must have seen when in 1878 he entered for the first time the forests around Biogradska Lake. The wildness of nature here left such a deep impression on Prince Nikola that he decided to protect the landscape by law. From when Prince Nikola saw the forest for the first time, nothing has changed. The landscape still shows the same original wilderness, just like 124 years ago. The only difference is that today a paved road leads to a parking lot next to the lake.

A hiking map, published in 2002 with support of the OSCE, shows the most beautiful trails.